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"The event was a huge received wonderful reviews from our members..we appreciate that your routine did not require

the use of vulgarity to make people laugh."

Laura Carter, Member Services Manager

Epping Forest Yacht Club, Jacksonville, FL.

"..Mr. Guerras' wit and style was both funny and tasteful and made our comedy night a huge success!"

Greg Baur - Manager

Sarasota Yacht Club, Sarasota, FL.

"...I have received many rave reviews from our members about your performance. You seem to have that certain talent that reaches out to people of all ages."

Brad Bourret - GM

Hillcrest Country Club, Batesville, IN.

"I would highly recomment Carl to any organization seeking quality entertainment and look forward to the next time he appears here."

Patrick Gretz - Manager

Collier Athletic Club, Naples, FL.

"..our turnout was outstanding...the feedback from our members was 100% positive."

Albert Tieche, Jr. - GM

Black NIght Country Club, Beckley, W.VA.

"...our members would not have bothered to stay after to meet and congratulate you had they not appreciated the quality of your performance."

Tony Dumas - Manager

Imperial Golf Club, Naples, FL.

"..I can honestly say that Carl Guerra had the audience in stitches. His standup routine is very funny and adaptable to the country club environment."

Mark A. Black - GM

MacGregor Downs CC, Cary, NC

"Thank you again for the hilarious performance at our club last month. Our members are still talking about can count on me for a great reference in the future."

Geoffrey Williams, GM

White Mountain CC, Pinetop, AZ

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